Show Them You Know To Play Harder

  • “Hey, don’t tell me that the pic in your bio….”
  • “You may not believe it, but…”
  • “Have you ever thought about…”

After you’ve done this but seen not many results, it’s time to get a bit more courageous. You go out there and be more straightforward.

Staying in your comfort zone doesn’t always bring results, and this goes for online dating as well. Making bold compliments and teasing them about their interests makes you seem interesting in their eyes. And you don’t have to struggle much to do this since they’ve already done half the job for you…in their bio.

Find details in their bio you can relate to, and go for a challenging or intriguing question. Have fun with it. You’ll be surprised how smoothly the conversation flows when you approach it as a play.

E.g: Let’s say they’re a cat lover. Start with a pun such as: “I thought the purr-fect photo didn’t exist. I was so damn wrong!…”

Then, you could surely play around with spicy compliments, but that’s a bit risky business. Not everyone likes compliments from a stranger. Even though you might not be strangers…?

Careful! How Close Are They?!

Tinder is awesome, but it can easily become awful when you date people you know in real life, through a fake profile. Imagine talking with your neighbor through a fake profile, and then having them knock at your door the other day. (I can read your mind. Not in that sense…)

It could become quite embarrassing if you’re not using the filtering settings properly, and asking when doubtful. Adjust them to search for people near you, but always ask about the location. This is important for two reasons:

  • They could turn out to be acquaintances. (and it’d be quite not-much-fun!)
  • You’re likely to know similar places, which turns into a worthwhile point to initiate and continue the conversation.

Heading For The Real Gold!

What’s the real gold for a Tinder conversation? Finding something you’re both madly passionate about and ask questions about it. By asking questions, and being invested in a conversation that’s honest, and connects you emotionally as friends, before becoming something more.

Hence, your bio helps you match with people you share the same passions with, and from there you can build a strong connection. Tinder features are there to give you a hand too.

Browse through the latest Instagram posts and peek at their Spotify playlist. e musician or genre?! Why not include one of these in your convo starter?

  • “I felt kinda alone because I thought only I was posting … pictures on Instagram…”
  • “OMG! You’re a fan of X! I love [song_name] from his latest album. Is [song_they_selected] your favorite?”

These are the basics of kicking off a conversation on Tinder. If you think they’re pretty general, well we thought about it too. This is why we’re bringing below 20 Extra lines you can copy-paste and start conversations on Tinder seamlessly.

20 Tinder Conversation Starters

Comparing WiFi connections to human connections is another fun example of another line. You can apply the same “formula” to create other jokes.

Asking to dig down into their dreams gives you an understanding of their desires and what they crave for the most in life.

Who doesn’t love music?! This message would give you information about their personality. Based on the type of songs lyrics they like you’ll understand their general mood and relationship with music.

Food! A delicious and challenging question like this not only creates space for small talk but also leaves you with some notes to refer to if a real-life date happens.

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